Folk Art Santa Doll

I've always wanted to make a Santa doll.  But as it's been done so many gillions of times, it seemed pointless..."Really?  Aren't there enough Santa dolls in the world?"  Well, I gave in, and made one, and I like him.  More importantly, Phil likes him, and his strong reaction to a doll--positive or negative--usually tells me I hit the mark I was aiming for.

Next year I'm planning a series of Tompte dolls--the little Scandinavian gnome fellows with the pointy red hats.  Mine may be more adventurous in their collective fashion sense, but there's something about them that tickles me.

For the now, here is my version of a folk art Santa, Belsnickle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Hogfather, Pere Noel, Popo Gigo, you get the drift.  Happy Solstice, y'all.


Granny Swims

A friend saw this doll head I was working on, and said, "Oh he's wonderful!" so I didn't have the heart to tell her He is a She.  But no matter.  It made me realize how a human's life really does go full circle--if we're lucky enough to get very old.  My mom taped a bow to my head when I was a baby because I had such whispy hair nobody could tell I was a girl.  I'll probably have to do the same thing in my last decade or so.  Ha!

At any rate, here's one of the doll show dolls I'm working on.  I call her Granny Swims.  She'll have an old-fashioned bathing suit, a swim floaty with a ducky head, and a straw hat (because a lady always looks out for her complexion).  Her hair is currently a wad of mohair laying over her bald little head. 

Is it restoration or just a Do-Over?

I've always wanted a Boudoir doll.  Sultry, daring and evocative of an age in which women were stepping out and making a little noise.  I did find one, but she was in pretty bad shape.  Luckily I have a doll restorer friend who taught me how to repair the old composition dolls, and I was able to do what this girl needed done.  She sat on a shelf, painted only with the flesh tone color, for several weeks.  To be honest, I was afraid I'd botch the paint job.  (I know, we can always repaint, but...)

Today I was painting commissions and doll-show dolls, when I noticed her.  I'm sure it was all in my head, but it seemed like she said, "Hey love.  As long as you've got the paint and brushes out, can you give a girl a little help?"  So I painted her.  She still needs a body, and I've got another red wig for her.  The fabric she's wrapped with in the photo will make her a set of pajamas. 

My friend Dorothy held the doll head while I took a photo--so glad she reminded me to get a "before".

Is it my imagination, or do I look a little like a mad scientist here?

I have named her Joan.