New Year, New Blog Site!

The hubs wanted me to research WordPress blogs for him.  No, he doesn't arbitrarily assign me things.  In this case, he was musing over the applications of a blog for Real Estate uses, and I volunteered, since I have already spent so many months of hours working through online site learning curves.

To that end, I figured since I've been wondering about a Wordpress blog in lieu of the website I worked up last year, I might as well use my site as a guinea pig and search it all out.  Then when it comes time to start his up, I can do so without maybe spending quite so much time on it.  Wordpress is notoriously more labor intensive, but I think in the long run it'll be worth it.  Besides, HTML skills are something I've always wanted to grow.  (Baby steps, right?)

SO.  I finally spent a day searching it all out, setting up the blog, and transferring alllll the posts from this blogger blog to that WP blog.  I still have tons of work to get it all lined out, and work to make it look pretty, to make the pages sensible, etc., but it's there, and it's functioning. 

Since I don't need two blogs--heck, I even gave up my MAIDA membership--I will close this blog and start posting over there.  The address is and (I think) there's a follow button somewhere. My poor gray matter resembles rather lumpy oatmeal after a day of online research.  At any rate, this is NOT goodby, just a Virtual Change of Address.  I will be adding y'all's addresses to my Reading list there so I can keep up with my friends' posts, even if I have to do it through email notifications.

With our upcoming move, things are upside down and backward here, but I have a great feeling about this year...big changes in store not only for where we live, but also for Phil's job.  I always heard, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." but around here, it's only fair to keep Daddy happy too.  He needs to get this realty show on the road full time, and I'm happy to help him do it.

Hope you all have a fabulous week, and a wonderfully creative 2015!

Folk Art Santa Doll

I've always wanted to make a Santa doll.  But as it's been done so many gillions of times, it seemed pointless..."Really?  Aren't there enough Santa dolls in the world?"  Well, I gave in, and made one, and I like him.  More importantly, Phil likes him, and his strong reaction to a doll--positive or negative--usually tells me I hit the mark I was aiming for.

Next year I'm planning a series of Tompte dolls--the little Scandinavian gnome fellows with the pointy red hats.  Mine may be more adventurous in their collective fashion sense, but there's something about them that tickles me.

For the now, here is my version of a folk art Santa, Belsnickle, St. Nicholas, Father Christmas, Hogfather, Pere Noel, Popo Gigo, you get the drift.  Happy Solstice, y'all.


Granny Swims

A friend saw this doll head I was working on, and said, "Oh he's wonderful!" so I didn't have the heart to tell her He is a She.  But no matter.  It made me realize how a human's life really does go full circle--if we're lucky enough to get very old.  My mom taped a bow to my head when I was a baby because I had such whispy hair nobody could tell I was a girl.  I'll probably have to do the same thing in my last decade or so.  Ha!

At any rate, here's one of the doll show dolls I'm working on.  I call her Granny Swims.  She'll have an old-fashioned bathing suit, a swim floaty with a ducky head, and a straw hat (because a lady always looks out for her complexion).  Her hair is currently a wad of mohair laying over her bald little head.