Oct 22, 2021

Teeny Izzies are DONE.

 They're finished, and listed on Etsy now.  I'm ready to work on larger dolls, but in a sick kinda way I'm glad I got back into it with these--the rest will seem so easy by comparison!

I've got chores to do, so I'll be quick here.  Just a lot of photos.  The dolls are about 7.5" tall, just about the length of my hand.  Each carries a...something.  They seem to vary in age, based on their expressions and dress, I guess, but that was not intentional. 




Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Oct 7, 2021

"...back in the saddle again."

 Okay, back in the studio, for real this time.  Not just making curtains--although I still have plenty of those to make for the winter. 

No--I'm making dolls again!  Feels good, too.  This first set was probably not the thing to start with, but I had already cut and stitched together the wee body parts, and the heads were started, so...

I finished sculpting, stuffed the parts, and applied the heads.  Painting is one of my favorite parts, next to the sculpting, because those bring the personalities out.  I don't aim for a particular face/features/expression.  I just wait to see who shows up.  I don't know if that's lazy or creative, and don't care.  It's fun! 

So these are miniature Izannah Walker style dolls--about 71/2 " or so.  Their clothing is sewn on, because I'm not doing buttons or snaps on that tiny of a doll--I can do it, and would sort of enjoy the challenge, but nobody wants to pay for that kind of detail. 

They charm me, with their petite little selves, even the attitudinal ones, and they make sweet "doll's dolls" in the lap of big antiques (see Mary Nell for example.)

Two of them have sold and will head off to Florida next week sometime.  They all have names, but I try to leave that out of Etsy listings, because collectors tend to like naming them.  Works for me--I do it too, when I buy a doll. 

So, without further ado, here are the Mini Izzies. (Click on the first pic for a slide show.)

And may I never make another, 
because cross-eyed is not a good look for me. 

Mary Nell, a mini from 2014, with a 27" antique Greiner.

Four more to dress, six for "glamour shots" and Etsy listings, then on to the larger ones.  

Hope October is treating everyone well this year.  Cheers!

Sep 16, 2021

Weird sad.

 Went grocery shopping today.  Had my list, was maybe a quarter of the way through it, which brought me to the chips isle.  For the last several months, I have noticed a new guy stocking chips.  Not The Big Guy who has been there since we moved up on the mountain, and with whom I passed inconsequential conversation just about every time I was there.  He was Big, with a capital B, scruffy blonde beard, gentle giant sort of nature.  Just an all around nice guy, always willing to help or chat.  So today I asked New Guy--"Where's the big guy been?  Haven't seen him in quite a while." 

"He passed away.  Pneumonia." 

I never even knew Big Guy's name, so why did it make me so sad?  I guess because he seemed young--younger than I am, at least.  And it was unexpected, even though carrying that much weight couldn't have been healthy.  He once told me (we were talking about chip consumption in general) that they moved $30,000 just in Frito Lay products every month.  I know he didn't drink, because I tried to recommend this gawd-awful peanut butter flavored whisky I'd found.  I know he was willing to help lift the heavy kitty litter for me (one isle over) when I'd had surgery and under lifting restrictions.  But I never knew his name. 

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.  Just wanted to say; if you get a chance, say something nice to the people that are "incidental" in your life.  Nobody is forever.