Aug 27, 2020

Almost in the dry...

I promised photos in the last post, so here are some.  The guys are framing even in light rain, trying so hard to get it all covered.  There are only three of them, so it's taking longer than we'd hoped, but it's getting done, at least.  We see changes every time we're out there, and loving it. 

Have a great weekend.  (Not sure why the hubs only got these shots of the back, but I'll get more.)

Aug 17, 2020

It's me agin, Margret.

I brought yew a live chickin & some peach preserves!  (I always loved Ray Stevens.) 

So alas, I do not have a live chicken, but I do have chicken fever.  Again.  And again waaaay too soon for me to do anything about it but study.  And I can see how chickens are a "gateway animal".  Because now I want a milk goat, some ducks, maybe some turkeys for the freezer...this could get bad.

The good news is that the builder is to the framing point, finally, so we might even have roof decking up there in a week or so! 

I still need to take the pictures from camera to file, but I'll have them soon.  Yesterday (Sunday) we went out there, took our lawn chairs and a towel for Gypsy to lay on, and just...sat.  Enjoyed the shade, the peace and quiet, and the excitement of seeing progress. 

The floor is up, and most of the wall framing (no wall board yet), and it's shocking how high the south end is!  We didn't realize, until they put up the stem walls, how much the lot sloped.  It's very flat, but not nearly as level as we'd thought.  That's actually okay with me--when I designed the house/plans, I understood it might look like a long skinny mobile home with porches.  Because we didn't want a bunch of cute little nooks and angles and fancy roof lines.  We wanted something we could afford to build.  But no WAY is this going to look like a mobile home.

So that's my news--we're making progress.  And the funny thing is, now it's harder to wait and be patient than it was when we just had footers and stem walls.  It's time to get busy clarifying and condensing all my lists.  The electrician and plumber will both need to go over everything with us once the framing is done, to nail down exact positions of outlets, switches, lights, sink plumbing, etc.  It feels good to have something to DO. 

In the meantime, I have chicken fever, so the graph paper is out, along with lots of eraser dust, while I design chicken coops for WAY more chickens than we need.
Have a lovely week!  (The last photo is of the south end.  With those deep floor joists and decking up there, it's now exactly even with the top of my head.)

Aug 6, 2020

And...cue August.

Well, according to the locals and/or regular visitors, we're having an abnormally hot summer.  I suppose that's good in a way--break us in like boot camp. 

I have run out of things to design, redesign, move around on the plans.  All the window sizes are decided, paint colors, cabinets, flooring, doors, hardware for doors.  Bathrooms top to bottom the same.  I even have the towel rods already. 

We're still a week out from starting any framing, and it must be said this is TORTURE!  But I'll get over myself soon--promise. 

Pictures soon as I get some. 

In the meantime, have a fabulous weekend.