Original Folk Art, Dolls, and Patterns

Mar 8, 2019

Ode to a fine little gentleman...

Born September 5, 2005--he actually didn't have any papers, and bringing him home at 7 weeks was more like a rescue mission than a purchase.  I didn't know she was a puppy mill until I'd seen him, and then I had to save him.  He had mites, worms, and was leaky on one end, but we got him fixed up in short order. 

He spent 13 years with us, traveled a lot--good car dog once he understood thumping us on the arm w/ a paw won't make the ride shorter.  He had his own SCA Medieval Tabbard for events.  We hiked miles together, took so many walks, and he never spent one night without either the hubs or I or both.  I worked from home his whole life, so he was pretty spoiled and very loved.  One lady said, "He has a very polite tongue."  He did--he was never one to jump in your face and start licking, but he would give a hello lick to your hand. 

My son reminded me of a game we played with him early on.  As a puppy, he was meeting our small grandchildren (baby & toddler), and I told my son he wouldn't mess with the babies' toys.  To prove it, we put one of Schultz's toys at the bottom of a pile of baby toys, and Schultz dug through, got his, and lay down with it.  Smart little guy--potty trained at 10 wks because we had a bell on the door.  This worked until he figured he could get some Out Time if he rang it, pee-time or not. 

I won't wail and carry on after today, but I know you all have and love pets, so you understand.  My cats keep looking for him.  I am fairly sure I'm a better person for having loved this dog. 

Jan 31, 2019

It's a Mystery...

Working on this most recent Izannah doll, I used the regular Krylon matte varnish, as I have for ages. 

But I'm not sure what happened!  No unusual material/paint/coating under the varnish, so maybe it was a factor of temperature or humidity?  At any rate, there is a very slight crackle effect on the lower part of this doll's face.  As it seems not to affect the adhesion of the paint or varnish, and it is subtle enough to actually enhance the doll, I left it as it was.  (Also, I didn't want to totally repaint, since I was happy with her at that point!) 

Maybe I'll figure it out, but I doubt it. 

Guess we'll see--I've got a set of boy & girl twins to make now! 

Jan 26, 2019

Really? That many?

As I posted on the MAIDA forum:

I was messing around with my blog, and decided to add a couple pages as "albums" for doll photographs. The tabs above separate them into types.  They don't show all the dolls, by any stretch, but they do show a wide variety of types!

Judging by the files, I have made between 250 & 300 dolls in the last decade.  Since I know I didn't consistently average two dolls a month, there must have been some seriously busy months in there!