Mar 4, 2021

Progress is a beautiful thing. (And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)

I took a risk today and photographed the studio as it is so far.  The risk is that someone will call the paddy wagon, and I'll end up in one of those nifty sweaters that ties in the back.  Livin' dangerously. 

With a before photo to illustrate how far it's come, here's a tour of what's happened to what my spousal unit calls The Scary Room.  (This has been his name for it the last four places we've lived.  I wonder why?)

Even though it seems a mess right now, it's at least set up so I can start working soon. First it was a storage room while we got moved in--everything that didn't have a place yet got shoved in there. Then when it was (mostly) empty except for what would live there, it was the Painting Room, because we've done all our own finish work on the new house. I painted miles of trim here. 🙂

Now that there are work tables, I used my old doll show display screens to go vertical with storage and as a backstop for the paint/sculpt and the sewing tables. On the other side of the screens/tables are walls of storage, big windows, and the Willie-Cat's favorite sunny spot.

A Before photo, and then some (not quite ready) Afters.

Don't know where something goes?  Throw it in here!  We put one little twin bed in there, in case one of us snores the other out of the master bedroom.  It sort of turned into the pets' daybed. 

There's Willie in her window sill basket.  She sleeps there allllll day.

I bought seven bookshelf units to store things...almost organized!

Still need trim for the closets.  It's painted and ready, just not up yet.  
No doors, though--they just get in the way.  

The top two rows hold yarn.  Below that are bins, drawers, and boxes full of...well, so many kinds of supplies I'd be embarrassed to list them all here.   We'll just say I could make just about anything.

I hope y'all enjoyed the tour.  Or at least weren't traumatized by it.  I'll post again when I've got it entirely functional.  As I need to turn some piles of fabric into curtains for the new house, I'm highly motivated to get this all sorted out! 

Feb 16, 2021

Time's fun when you're having flies.

 I got a card ready to put in the mail for our youngest daughter's birthday.  Thirty-five???  How can that be?  She's the baby!  No way she's thirty-five. 

My hair just went two shades whiter.  But that's okay.  It's a privilege to see my children grow up, to become people I am proud of.  We have nine grandchildren, and while we don't get to see them often at all (scattered across the US), we trust they are well and happy.  What more can a mom want?

Regarding our little acre in the woods; snow.  More snow.  We'd just gotten past the three feet from earlier--mostly melted--then we got another nine inches, and today added another five.  It's been a learning experience for this native Texan, I can tell you.  We didn't get snow but once or twice every five years back home. 

So; sorry if I keep posting pictures of snow.  The new will wear off I'm sure, and then I'll quit. 

From what I hear, there's a cold front through the south that has some toes a bit frosty--my home town got down to -3, and folks in Houston and San Antonio were well below freezing.  So y'all stay warm, wherever you are!

Jan 26, 2021

We got a big snow.

 Almost two feet in three days.  Folks who have been up here a while say it's not the norm, which is okay with me.  Four cancelled/rescheduled appointments is enough!

Cheers, y'all.